You Like Deliciousness, Don’t You?

Glass of Guinness beerA friend who cooks up the lovely food blog ¿Tienes hambre? asked if I would write about my food experiences in Ireland, so I’ve done a guest blog post on his site. He does a nice job, with great photos, and I’ve—OK, I lowered the quality of his blog by being on it. But there it is.

If you want to read about my culinary expedition across the Emerald Isle, go to I included a few photos as well. Scroll down to October 2.


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2 responses to “You Like Deliciousness, Don’t You?

  1. Lori

    So my next big trip is going to be to Ireland. I can’t wait.

  2. And I want to go back. There’s so much more I need to see, and so much more Guinness I need to interact with. If you go south to Cork, the pub Sin É has live music (local musicians jamming on traditional music) in the evenings, plus they make their own stout.

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