Lemon Soap

As I’m writing this I’m on a train rolling past green fields and your occasional flock of Irish sheep. We left Dublin at 9:00, and by lunch time we will be in Cork  (or Corcaigh to use the Irish  name). I’ll mention here some of the literary encounters I had in Dublin. There’s a drugstore called Sweeney’s with a sign in the window, along with bars of yellow soap. The sign says that it was in this store that Leopold Bloom bought lemon soap in the novel Ulysses. On a bus tour of the city, we passed a church where Bram Stoker was married. I thought I saw a bat fly out of a tower. Lastly, but most important to me, in St. Patrick’s Cathedral I saw the grave of Jonathan Swift. And now on to Corcaigh, and I’ll stop this incredibly tedious typing on a phone.

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